focuses on the window cleaning robots


Strong Team Guaranteed Support

We are focused on the research and development of window cleaning robots. Have the ability to continuously innovate and iterate products.

The Quality Assurance

We establish a sound supervision and control system in sales, production, inspection, warranty, etc. Strictly control the quality of products, improve work efficiency.

After-sales Service

Provide free training to users, and provide users with technical information on product use, repair, maintenance, etc.

Pursue the ultimate window cleaning experience

keeps your hands free, sit on the sofa to clean the windows. Build Your Smart Home, Enjoy the good life.

Explore The CLEANING World With hutt

This window cleaning robot is affordable, low noise, significant effect, strong adsorption, high enough appearance, easy to operate, strong suction, and automatic window cleaning. I wiped the windows of the two houses of the family and basically did not fall.

Absolutely liberate your hands, you don't need to worry about throwing them away and wipe them cleanly. Give it to several relatives to wipe them. No need to look for housekeeping in the future!

The robot wiped it cleanly, much better than expected. The adsorption force is also very strong, and there is also safety rope protection, so there is no need to worry about safety issues. The automatic water spray function is also very good, and the operation is very simple! Very satisfied!

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